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Better conditions, beautiful adventures, new network and career opportunities

At the moment we have available temps and locum jobs for doctors.

When recruitment is a matter of trust

Together we guarantee a match. Medicotrust has many years of experience in providing employment for the healthcare sector. Qua this we have a strong expertise within locum jobs and permanent positions and both of doctors and nurses. We also practice our insight of the entire health sector to advise clinics and hospitals on operational optimization, including management, waiting lists , medical logistics and HR .

We take honor in being open, obliging and helpful. Therefore we would like to hear from you if as a hospital experience challenges we can help with or if you are a doctor or a nurse who wants to talk about your job at home – and abroad.

Professional advice

  • Consultants are doctors, nurses and certified HR staff
  • 25 years of experience in this business
  • Individual professional guidance in taxation, pension and your career
  • Close cooperation with hospitals


  • Competitive salary and high standards
  • Training in HLR/AHLR and Swedish language
  • Free transport and accommodation during employment


  • Preferred partner in all tenders and frame work agreements in the Nordics
  • One consultant who knows you and has insight in your specialty
  • We take care of insurance, contracts, travels and accommodation
  • 24 hours telephone service

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